Converting Your Car Doors To Lambo Style: A DIY Guide

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Unlike traditional car doors, lambo or scissor style doors are special doors that can usually be found on two-door sports cars. These impressive doors open vertically and swing upward when opened unlike regular car doors that swing outward. They can really add some flair to any vehicle, and custom kits can be purchased to convert your regular two-door car to a cool and totally unique style with these amazing lambo doors.

Finding A Kit

Before you begin the install process, you will need to find and purchase the right door conversion kit for your vehicle's make and model. Some manufacturers make special custom fit kits that will fit with your car easily and snugly. Be sure to purchase the correct kit before you start to remove your old doors. Read the kit's included instructions to make sure that you will have all the tools necessary to complete the job before you begin.

Remove Your Old Doors

You will need to remove the old car doors first, so take a look at your owner's manual to find out which components are inside the door that you will have to remove. Some examples of the parts you'll probably take off include door hinges, stoppers, rubber casings, and metal tabs. Make sure you remove all components of the old door on each side of the vehicle. Next, you will need to cut and roll your fender to provide room for the new doors. The new door kit should contain the proper instructions on how to do this to the exact specifications for your car.

Installing The New Door

Your lambo door kit will come with a pair of special hinges that are designed to make the door swing open in a vertical motion. Install these hinges securely via the instructions and make sure they are attached to the body of your car securely. You'll then need to install special shock absorbers that are designed to help the doors open and close smoothly. Make sure that all bolts are installed tightly on each side before putting the new doors on. Install your doors per the manufacturer's specs. Be sure that they are fitting flush to the body of your car. It's a good idea to open and close your new doors repeatedly until you're sure they feel secure and that they fit correctly. Once you've attached the new door itself to the body of your car, you're ready to show off your new impressive lambo style doors.

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