Truck Spray Bed Liners: More Options Than You Can Shake Rebar At

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Some of the worst materials you will ever haul in your truck are those that damage your truck bed the most. Rebar, for example, is a steel and iron material used to reinforce vertical structures. Its weight will badly ding, even cut small holes in the bed of your truck. Leave the rebar out in the elements in your truck, and it will cause rust stains. Many other materials are just as bad, but you can protect your truck with spray bed liners. There is more than one option to shake rebar at, and each one has some special properties the others do not.

Sun Coating Bed Liners

These spray-on liners have all of the properties you would expect from a bed liner with one major exception. The liner does not need an extra UV coat. Where several other spray bed options will need a second supplementary coat to protect them against fading and UV rays, this spray bed coating already has that protection built into the spray. It also means your truck will spend less time in the shop getting this spray bed accessory applied. It is most useful for anyone who frequently has his/her truck parked in the bright, hot sun.

No-Slip Bed Liners

If you spend a lot of time in the back of your truck unloading tools and/or supplies, you know how slippery it can get. Add the least little bit of rain or water and you have to tread very lightly in the back of your truck. Spray on a bed liner that provides you with solid tread and that problem goes away. This no-slip type of spray-on liner has a thick, rough texture that grips like raised sandpaper. It is a little scratchy to deal with, but it beats falling down in the truck with a power tool in hand or slipping and tripping over the side of your truck.

Impact and Abrasion Resistant Liners

There are three types of spray-on bed liners that fall under this category. 

If you are trying to protect the truck bed from dropping things and things loaded overhead, impact is best. If you slide materials in repeatedly, you want to avoid abrasions to your truck bed. Otherwise, the dual-purpose bed liner is your best option because then nothing can mar the bed of your truck, period. You can also get a UV coating over the top of any of these (except the sun coat liners which already have it) to protect the color and finish of your truck bed.

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