Four Essential Auto Accessories To Get Your Corvette Ready For Winter

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Winter is right around the corner, and that means that it's time to outfit your Corvette with a few new auto accessories to ensure it is ready for the chilly temperatures and icy precipitation. Some accessories help protect your vehicle, while others lessen the hassle of having to deal with extreme winter weather.

1. Car Cover

A car cover is a must-have accessory for protecting your car from the elements. Even in the winter, UV rays can damage your Corvette's paint job. Snow, ice, and even heavy amounts of rain can also harm your car's exterior.

Look for a car cover manufactured from a breathable fabric that also repels moisture. This type of cover will ensure that the material does not trap moisture on your car's exterior.

If you normally park your Corvette in a garage, you may believe that you don't need to use a cover. However, a car kept in a garage can still benefit from one. Dust and moisture can still get to your car's exterior if you leave it exposed. Look for a Corvette car cover that is labeled for inside usage.

2. Floor Mats

The winter months are a notoriously dirty time; snow, mud, rock salt, and dirt are just a few items that your shoes might transport to the interior of your car. Durable rubber mats with deep grooves are a smart option to make sure that all of the grime settles in the mat, rather than in your car. A set of mats with non-slip backing keep your mats securely in place as you enter and exit your car.

3. Heated Wiper Blades

When driving in a heavy snowstorm, regular windshield wipers may not be effective at keeping the snow from accumulating on your windshield when you drive. Heated wiper blades are an excellent solution to this problem.

This type of wiper blade uses heat to disperse any type of icy buildup on your windshield so that you have a clear, unobstructed view when driving. The wipers self regulate and adjust the temperature as needed.

4. A Remote Starter

Entering a chilly vehicle is one of the most uncomfortable experiences associated with driving during the winter months. Though starting your car and letting it idle is an option, authorities frequently warn that this makes your vehicle vulnerable to theft.

A remote starter is a terrific alternative. You can start your Corvette with the push of a button from inside your home so that it is toasty and warm when you have to leave. Your doors remain locked.