Insurance Telematics Can Enhance Your Business

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Your fleet is important to your brand. Whether your team is fulfilling sales calls, service requests, or any other business function, it's critical your team have a fleet of vehicles to meet these needs. However, it's equally critical that your team be safe behind the wheel and do everything in their power to protect the vehicles and the reputation of your company. Did you know that insurance telematics can help you accomplish this goal?

Insurance Telematics

Telematics is a type of technology that mimics the black box of an airplane in terms of a function. After an accident, you know that responders often work hard to find the black box because it contains all the information about the plane's functions and operations leading up to the crash. A telematics device works similarly in that it captures and retains all the functions of the vehicle including the number of miles the vehicle is driven and the speed at which it's operated. The device is simply installed under the hood and delivers the information wirelessly. 


Some of the benefits of insurance telematics for business owners include the following:


Installing a telematics device in your fleet of vehicles is a great way to improve accountability. With the record-keeping functions of the device, your team will know that they are being monitored. As a result, he or she may be less apt to run the red light or speed through an area. The increased level of accountability can breed safer drivers. 

Reduced Insurance Costs

Insurance companies use the information from the telematics devices to help determine premium rates. If the device shows that your fleet drivers have superior safe driving habits or that your vehicles aren't driven as many miles as once thought, the result of these findings could be a reduced insurance premium rate for your company. Any way to save money is a step in the right direction.


You might even experience increased productivity with these devices installed in your fleet vehicles. When your team knows that they are being monitored, they may be less apt to take an extended lunch or spend longer at a service appointment than is necessary. When your team is more productive, your profits can flourish, and your business can improve overall. 

The benefits of insurance telematics go far beyond what is detailed here. Don't hesitate to bring this service feature to your company.